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It all started with a pig...

Founder and President Cara Hennessey has always had a love of animals, but nothing like the bond she shares with her first pig, named Clover, whom she bought from a local farm in the summer of 2019. Completely unaware of what it took to take care of a pig, Cara took to online research and soon found out just how many "mini-pigs" end up abandoned or in rescues due to people being uneducated or lied to by breeders who claim they will stay small. The place Clover came from was very transparent on the size she might get (150-250lbs.) Cara determined she would give this pig the best life possible, not something that all pigs like her are so lucky to have. 


Clover's Pig Preserve was founded in 2020 when the world began to shut down due to the Coronavirus. Cara wanted to create a place where pigs could have a loving forever home, where they could root, play and live with others like them. Sanctuaries across the country are overflowing with pigs and other farm animals. The pigs have since been relocated to Wolcott, Connecticut to a 50-acre property called Pillwillop Therapeutic Farm. Cara and her fiance Chris reside together nearby. Together they are the sole caregivers to all the pigs in their care. 

Moving the pigs to Pillwillop Therapeutic Farm provided a unique opportunity for two non-profits to come together to provide farm animal therapy to the community. Pigs are sensitive, emotional beings, and sitting with animals like them has been proven to lower anxiety and stress, provide comfort, and improve mood and general well-being. The program has been very successful and the pigs have many daily visitors. Cara and Chris have also used this opportunity to educate people about pigs and how special they are. 

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